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  • Home again. ♥️
  • Lookit this QUEEN. This is Tilly, my auntie's chocolate lab.
  • Photos from the Ullapool road! So pretty, but my god, the potholes. The. Potholes.
  • Frozen Loch on the way to Ullapool, just before the turn off to Gairloch coastal route.
  • Hey baby Bear. #poodle #minipoodle
  • New helmet is a surprise favourite of the new #rollerderby kit. Feckin' shinyyyyy.
  • My lovely new #rollerderby kit! Breaking in new boots is a rough, but I love my new shinies. Spending tonight fine-tuning 'em.
  • February has been a frustrating month. Feels like I'm not moving fast enough in any of the things I care about: rewriting this manuscript, learning roller derby, losing weight, or forwarding my career. Took a long walk today to remind myself than progress is still progress, no matter the pace.