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  • Dave is painting. Mac is...helping.
  • It's Scottish Exam Results day, and if you didn't get the results you want here's a reminder that there's #NoWrongPath to the career you want. Excited to see what gets added to this list in years to come!
#ResultsDay2018 @dyw_moray @abdnsciencecentre
  • Dungeons and Doggos. #TnTDnD #DnD
  • 🎶 Double rainbow all the way aaaacrosss the skyyyyyyy
Whoaaaaaaaaa SO INTENSE 🎶
  • Dinner with amazing friends at the Rocpool. BEST FOOD, BEST COMPANY. ❤️
  • Successful first day volunteering with STEMNET at the Highland Gliding Club open day! Gutted my glider flight got cancelled but wow I had fun.
  • I need to take some lessons from this big lug on how to chill. It was his Gotcha Day last Friday, and wow, what a wonderful seven years he's brought us so far. ❤️
  • Hello from the European Pipe Band Championships! Cannae beat a sunny day and some world-class bagpiping.