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  • Mac when I got up this morning VS Mac when I put his breakfast out is quite the transformation.
  • It's new notebook day! The Thor Moleskine is full of words and it's time for the Dingbats green stag notebook to take centre stage for 2019.
  • Snowy days. ☃️
  • Our Amazon Eavesdropping Device usually respond to "Who's a good boy?" with "Mac is a good boy and you should give him pets". Today, after we dropped him off at the kennels for a wee holiday, David Macarthur had it do this instead. 😭😭😭 Wait until the end!
  • 7.30am empty gym. I will hopefully never be here at this hellish time of the morning again. Good session though!
  • Good morning. You Are Awesome.
  • Hungry like the wolf tonight, so Lidl's Bami Goreng is getting veggie bulked like whoa. Ended up with a proper mountain of food. 💪
  • Not the most photogenic salad, but tasty. Feta, spinach, green beans, snap peas, roasted Brussel sprouts and homemade falafel. Olive oil/balsamic/mustard dressing.