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  • Lovely River Nairn. ❤️ Had a nostalgic walk with Dave along here on Saturday and it was beautiful and we saw SO MANY CUTE DOGS. Including a dalmatian! A+ walk would recommend.
  • What's better than a perfectly-cooked ribeye with whisky sauce? A perfectly-flame-grilled ribeye with whisky sauce, that's what.
  • Went for dinner today with my best friends, celebrating two birthdays a bit early. This chocolate tasting plate was 👌👌👌.
  • Is it REALLY the New Year until you follow the giant burning stick bucket through Burghead while chanting? Burning of the Clavie: a traditional Scottish fire festival to celebrate the New Year pre-Roman calendar.
  • Ready for 2019 with two different planners: a practical Filofax and adorable Spirited Away planner! Tune in to see if one wins out or if I get tired of using either of them by the time February comes around.
  • Sherlock and Mycroft! ❤️❤️❤️ @geddesmill
  • Making friends! ❤️ I'm getting cuddles from Sherlock and Mycroft at @geddesmill
  • When your itchy chin gives you sweet dance moves. We gave him a good dose of anti itching cream after this. ❤️