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  • Chilled out Sunday: Kindle books, beta reading and #CriticalRole catch-up.
  • So, Dave got a new label maker.
  • Face of an Emma who has just finished spinning class and is ready to lie down on the soft soft grass and just sleep for the rest of the day ok bye
  • My pick for the #wyrdandwonder reading challenge prompt "can't wait to read". I'm so curious about this book. Excited to read it and find out the deal with Blue before watching the movie adaptation ("Love, Simon").
  • Tonight's dinner! Dave knocking it out of the park again. And I ate the whole thing with chopsticks (trying to get better with 'em) so YEAAAHH VICTORY.
  • WE FINALLY HAVE A RICE COOKER AGAIN. If you haven't experienced the magic perfect fluffy rice this thing makes then you are missing out. Get yourself down to Lidl, it's like £12.
Welcome back, precious kitchen tool.
  • I'n putting @daveface_fms in charge of jazzing up all #rollerderby my training videos from now on. In this vid: one foot glides and transitions! And SHINY NEW HALL!
  • I'm super late for the May the 4th #wyrdandwonder reading month prompt, but here's a Star Wars book from my TBR pile! Really looking forward to reading this, and PHASMA, some time soon.