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  • Fondly reminiscing about the Gingerbread Pancake Stack at the local Pancake Place. It's just the best.
  • Good morning! Let's get hustling.
  • Dogs, derby, tea, books, pancakes, weight loss, and becoming a member of the John Jarrold Literary Agency family. It's been an absolutely fantastic year. #bestnine2017 #bestnine
  • Today's tarot spread was basically "embrace your passions, achieve your best dreams" and the the reversed Eight of Pentacles yelling "BUT STOP BEING A PERFECTIONIST FUCK SAKE" and I appreciate that a lot, thank u TAROT. #tarotcards #tarot #sasuraibitotarot #littleredtarot
  • My face (swipe!) when the derby team feels your DETERMINATION.
  • After a botched attempt last year, guess who finally got eggnog right? This lady! Festive fuel for a night of editing.
  • First time making shakshuka! Couple of rookie mistakes were made, but hey, that just means Shakshuka Part 2 will be even better.
  • My sleeping bag has been borrowed. I may never get it back. #instadog #dogoftheday #weeklyfluff #dailydog #dogsofinstagram #dogscorner #doglover #puppy 
#labrador #labradorretriever #labsofinstagram