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  • I need to take some lessons from this big lug on how to chill. It was his Gotcha Day last Friday, and wow, what a wonderful seven years he's brought us so far. ❤️
  • Hello from the European Pipe Band Championships! Cannae beat a sunny day and some world-class bagpiping.
  • 4 years ago: Isle of Lewis, the whale's jawbone arch on Bragar and the sea. A beached whale died on Bragar in 1920 (after the harpoon you can see shot into its jaw failed to detonate). When whaling companies failed to show up to the island, the villagers had to take it into their own hands to deal with every part of the whale's body.
  • Weekend Reading Pile! I'm absolutely shattered after an awesome #rollerderby session though so not sure I'll make much headway with it today.
  • SENSE8 SOLSTICE! Us nerds have been taking in the summer solstice by watching the Sense8 finale (MY HEART) and having super amazing unicorn ice cream cones.
  • The lovely @helginrollerderby crew caught me having a great day today skating in Elgin for the first time. 😁 What a great day.
  • Dragged my procrastinating arse to the gym! Didn't panic in the face of all the new equipment! Tried all the weights machines! MISSION SUCCESS, ANXIETY CRUUUUUSHED.
  • My reading list for this week! Shiny new release THE TRAITOR GOD by Cameron Johnston in paperback, which I am SO excited to sink my claws into. TO KILL A KINGDOM in ebook. A beta read of J.B.Rockwell's latest work (yessss ❤️). Finally, the audiobook of THE GOLEM AND THE DJINNI.