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  • Dragged myself reluctantly out for a #ZombiesRun Halloween mission. Helped track down a cursed CD while avoiding some zoms! Good fun.
#runner5 #c25k #c25kgraduate
  • It's comic book catch-up day! My favourite way to spend a day off.
  • I ran my first ever official 5k on Saturday! Personal best smashed, bucket list item checked off, wardrobe malfunctions overcome. A blimmin' good day and it was nice to check off a life goal just before my birthday. #Parkrun #c25k #c25kgraduate #parkrunuk
  • Mac joined me tonight! He was a very good boy.
  • I am constantly grateful that the stars aligned and we got our chance to rescue this gorgeous softie. ❤️
  • Was dragging my feet (hah) over going out running today, but I beat my record for nonstop jogging! Feels really good to see such steady improvements over time.
  • This smooshy face is snoozing while I catch up on last night's roller derby. #rollerderby #wftdaplayoffs #wftdatl
  • A rainbow with quite auspicious timing on a rainy work day.