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  • When you're having a bad time but still trying your best. 💪 Thanks to Ember for the photos! #Parkrun #parkrunuk
  • Buggered up my knee doing Parkrun, but I made it to the finish! The other runners were so sweet and kept cheering for me. And yeap, I really didn't dress for the weather. ☔ #Parkrun #parkrunuk
  • Doing a bit of Sunday science and making bath bombs. They turned out pretty! Mix was too dry this time round though, gotta try again.
  • 3rd Parkrun done! Getting in the swing of this early morning lark.
  • Trying to level up my salad game this autumn. First attempt was more effort than expected, but tasty! Chicken sausage, penne pasta, roasted cauliflower, grilled leek, and sliced apple from @mairi_urquhart's apple tree.
Paired it with a Costa Christmas hot chocolate because... look, I'm weak.
  • That's Pauline the pumpkin gone out to the woods for the birds, squirrels and deer. I'm really going to be miss spooky season! 🎃
  • Breaking in some new trainers before sunset. #zombiesrun #runner5
  • November @birdandblendtea tea club! Trying the Fairytale of NY coffee one now and it is MESSING ME UP how much it tastes like coffee and not rooibos.