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  • Forgot to post this: the view from the way back home. ❤️
  • Recovering from some intense lurgy and the big yin is doing his part to help by lying on me at every opportunity.
  • When you're snoozing in the sun but then you hear something go crinkle in the kitchen and omg what if it's biscuits
  • On the road to London again, and the metal sky tube was VERY cold today.
  • Guess who's super into the "Tigers of Scotland" Scottish wildcat documentary on Netflix?
  • Tonight the @icrd_ team said goodbye to wonderful @black_00_smith! So good seeing you and really looking forward to seeing your successes ahead. ❤️
  • Goodbye London! You've been lovely as always, hope to see you again soon. ❤️
  • Ying and Yang doggos.