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  • Bonus lil' bean.
  • Tried to get the little bean to join a social video call with fantastic pal @lbusza and the only way he'd do it is if I took his bed with him! 😂
  • Pass your time in lockdown with COMBAT!
  • Today's dog walk look is channelling my inner Bucky Barnes
  • Before you all think TOO highly of our techie craft skills, though : we totally can't figure out how to get those arrow keys back on. Woops.
  • Alphasmart Neo: before (dark green) and after (race car red). A different craft project to my usual, done with lots of help from Dave. #alphasmart #alphasmartneo
  • Good morning! I got up at 4am and didn't melt. Praise be to tea!
  • Dave and I have been learning the world of TikTok through our favoured medium of dog videos