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  • The lovely @helginrollerderby crew caught me having a great day today skating in Elgin for the first time. 😁 What a great day.
  • Dragged my procrastinating arse to the gym! Didn't panic in the face of all the new equipment! Tried all the weights machines! MISSION SUCCESS, ANXIETY CRUUUUUSHED.
  • My reading list for this week! Shiny new release THE TRAITOR GOD by Cameron Johnston in paperback, which I am SO excited to sink my claws into. TO KILL A KINGDOM in ebook. A beta read of J.B.Rockwell's latest work (yessss ❤️). Finally, the audiobook of THE GOLEM AND THE DJINNI.
  • Home again, home again, jiggidy jig. Books and tea and doggos now, with Dungeons and Dragons to look forward to soon. 📚
#dnd5e #dnd
  • Waltham Abbey in Essex was SUPER pretty and surprisingly close to London. I would want to live there but I definitely can't afford it. 😂
  • Good morning world! Time to travel. Inverness is such a great airport to depart from.
So quiet. So quick. So good.
#shnecky #inverness
  • Who's got four paws and hit his "ideal weight for his breed" goal? THIS GUY. Congratulations Mac!
♥️ #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #CriticalRole #dnd5e