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  • #throwbackthursday! Newbie weightlifter Emma (I miss doing this!) and freshie skater Emma. Trying new things is the best. 😁
  • First lunchtime spinning class since the end of February. It's been so long. 😢 I'm so glad to be back at it!
  • #ArtvsArtist! Cannae resist a good bandwagon. This year I'm going to create SO much more art, and I'm experiment more with colour.
  • Drove in a circle to catch the parcel delivery van today and I have no regrets. This @loisvb greatness is so worth it.
  • Went on an adventure tonight to a Ukelele Club. I still can't play a Ukelele but I had fun!
  • Felt that beast called Comparison breathing down my neck hard during #rollerderby today. Gotta remember to keep my eyes on my own progress and stop comparing to other people.
  • Super productive Saturday: #rollerderby (proper knackered myself oot today!), C25K Week 3 Day 1 on a shiny new Elgin path, and Halo Top 'cos treat yo self.
  • Pasta Aglio E Olio! I've been watching a lot of Binging with Babish so I made this for the first time. Super easy and delicious.