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  • Was dragging my feet (hah) over going out running today, but I beat my record for nonstop jogging! Feels really good to see such steady improvements over time.
  • This smooshy face is snoozing while I catch up on last night's roller derby. #rollerderby #wftdaplayoffs #wftdatl
  • A rainbow with quite auspicious timing on a rainy work day.
  • Aaaand we're done! Onwards to continuing regular 5k jogs with Zombies Run. #c25k #zombiesrun
  • 4 years of figuring out this whole "jogging" business and recovering from injuries galore, and now I'm finally managing to jog 5k nonstop! PROUD AS PIE Y'ALL (is pie proud? I'm proud of pie).
  • I AM THE MILKSHAKE QUEEN! Peanut butter milkshake (Sunpat no added sugar + PB2 + vanilla Carte D'Or light + milk) inside an actual peanut butter jar like a goddamn champion.
  • Last night's Dungeons and Doggos team, Mac and Foss. #dnd
  • Photos from our August trip to Dundee to watch the Krustfest charity skate! Absolutely magic weekend (with magic food) and quite a pivot point in my year.